Insomnia, headache, back pain, stress, anguish, wellness, relaxation at cancer treatment, hesitation, phobias, obesity, sleeping troubles, preparing for an exam, speaking in public, developp their ability to concentratre and their intellectual or physical performance, creativity, motivation,.

Reiki is a beneficial complement to any classic allopathic treatment. As an energy system, it can be a beneficial addition to a health care program by accelerating its effects or limiting the side effects of certain treatments.

It does not replace them either.

The practitioner does not make a diagnosis, does not give a prescription and in no case does not modify the medical or psychological treatment of a person who comes to consult him. The fields of action of this global approach are:

Reduction of tension, stress and anxiety, Relief of musculoskeletal disorders, Improved sleep quality, Acceleration of the healing process, Strengthening of the immune system, reduction of high blood pressure and digestive disorders, Strengthening vitality and concentration, Improved quality of life for people with stroke or cancer (reduced fatigue and pain related to care).

Ericksonian hypnosis induces a state of slight modification of consciousness in which the patient can direct his attention towards a specific goal and take advantage of the hypnotic state to access his inner resources, which are too often untapped.

This technique, created by the American psychiatrist Milton H. Erickson, is renowned for its action on anxiety, addictions, in cases of addiction, weight loss or for problems of insomnia and fatigue…

Its goal: Allows to make accessible the little exploited resources of his brain and to activate his powers of self-healing with the help of suggestions made during this modified state of consciousness.

The Hypnosis does not present any danger to health. We always “wake up” no matter what. Firstly because we do not sleep, then because if no suggestion maintains it, the hypnotic functioning dissipates by itself.

Everyone has this ability to enter hypnosis.

NLP is a set of communication and self-transformation techniques that focuses on our reactions rather than the origins of our behaviors. She thus privileges the “how” to the “why” and proposes an observation grid to improve the perception we have of ourselves and of others. It thus offers concrete means for a person to increase their skills, their self-esteem, their confidence in their abilities, their quality of relationships with those close to them, their ability to think for themselves in order to achieve their own goals

During a session, in conversational form with the certified practitioner, the participant determines his expectations and sets his objectives. The speaker during this exchange directs his questions towards solutions rather than the story that generated the situation and finds which sensory system is most appropriate for the participant (auditory, kinesthetic, visual, etc.).

Each individual being composed differently and his interpretation of events varying according to his system, the latter is thus guided in the understanding of his behaviors which will make it possible to modify them or to replicate them by a behavioral change.

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